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Myths of Mystery Shopping in the Fuel Industry

Myths of Mystery Shopping in the Fuel Industry

Current-day fuel brands and fuel retail stores or c-stores in the fuel industry have understood that mystery shopping is the one-way solution to identify intricate details or discrepancies in their fuel brand. Nothing beats the age-old technique of mystery shopping survey for customer experience in fuel industry. Given the need for better customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer success; every fuel brand in the fuel industry is looking at a stable customer experience strategy that can help them outrun their fuel industry competitors.

The solution to that is mystery shoppers and mystery shopping that can help you make better decisions and improve your customer experience management while also working on your products and services.

How do you identify the Top Mystery Shopping Companies and top mystery shoppers

Although there are a plethora of customer experience companies or mystery shopping companies that you will find in the customer experience market not all of them are legitimate. They may showcase a myriad of mystery shoppers but they may not be trained enough to take up mystery shopping for fuel industry. In fact, there has been a considerable increase in mystery shopping scams across the globe. So, to avoid any such mishaps that can lengthen your process of growth we have identified three traits that you must consider while finding the right mystery shopping or customer experience company for your fuel brand or fuel retail store. Only the top mystery shopping companies will have:

  • Incredible communication and support staff
  • Industry experience across all industries and especially fuel industry
  • Separate approaches for each of the evaluations taking place

You must consider a company with excellent support because timelines because hindrances are likely to pop up. For any such cases which may be unforeseen, your mystery shopping company must have support and real-time reporting methods that can give you solid back-up. Take a good look at their mystery shopping case studies and focus on what they can help you achieve with frequent mystery shopping surveys. It would be a waste of resources and your time if you end up simply scratching the surface with the survey. Simultaneously, you should also look for mystery shopping companies that have an individual approach to each of the mystery shopping evaluations in fuel industry. Your customer experience company or mystery shopping company must be able to work on each evaluation as a sole entity and also be able to draw conclusions from them that link to each silo.

To appoint a mystery shopping company that works with long-term evaluation relationships or plans you must also look at the integrity, work ethics and commitments that the company has to better understand their capabilities. As a mystery shopping company they must be able to find spaces for evaluation and also understand your fuel industry specifications. They should be aligned with what you desire and adhere to the client concept diligently.

Did you know that over 85% of the leading fuel companies in the world use mystery shopping technologies to be at par with their customer needs? Indian companies who used mystery shopping research methodologies showed a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25% in 2020 alone and the numbers continue to only shoot above the sky! These numbers are proof that your fuel retail store or c-store in fuel industry requires customer experience management through the dynamic mystery shopping technique.

It is true that mystery shopping can help you identify problems, increase revenue and measure the best CX methods, without a doubt. Mystery shopping trends of mystery shopping in 2022 are beyond advanced and in line with the fuel industry operation and fuel industry process. Yet, we often see multiple myths about mystery shopping. Here are some mystery shopping myths that you can definitely ignore while taking a decision of whether or not you should hire a customer experience company or mystery shopping company for your fuel brand:

  • Inconsistent data – many believe that mystery shopping data is inconsistent and does not lead to the main causes of customer dissatisfaction. It is also said that mystery shopping data is ineffective. However, if the data is collected in a consistent manner every month or based on the need of your fuel brand then you are bound to get to the bottom of your customer experience challenges in fuel industry. It can be guaranteed that customer experience can and will help you work on your customer experience management while improving customer success, customer satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Shoppers revealed – usually when you go with mystery shopping companies that are scamming you with untrained mystery shoppers and bad mystery shopping methods your employees are bound to distinguish them from the real customers. This is when you likely to run into a loss. Employees may fake the actual selling process that they maintain with the mystery shopping customers. So, shoppers being revealed is more of a myth. That is because good customer experience companies not only take time to train their mystery shoppers but also find the best possible mystery shoppers in the industry to provide the optimal results to their fuel retail store clients.
  • Higher price – many believe that mystery shopping as a part of customer experience management strategies is a very expensive process and is less likely to give you the kind of results you are looking for. This is far from the truth. In a business, as you know, initial investment is key. Only when you have the right product are you likely to get the attention of your customers which will eventually become the cause of your good ROI. Likewise, when you are looking at customer experience as a long term goal to grow your fuel brand in the fuel industry you will have to dish out some money in the form of an investment that will eventually give you the kind of results that you desire.

This data being provided to you, have we been able to change your mind about why your fuel brand needs customer experience management and more over the robust mystery shopping solution to better your products, services and customer retention? The biggest hurdles or challenges in fuel industry that you are currently facing can all be jumped, leaped and hopped over with utmost ease if you simply follow frequent mystery shopping research or mystery shopping surveys. Leading customer experience companies like SonataGBW can help you with your mystery shopping surveys. We have over a hundred thousand mystery shoppers who have incredible industry experience and are trained meticulously to do the most discrete, attention to detail oriented job to help you excel in the fuel market.

Our CX solutions are focused on transforming the total customer experience through surveys, metrics, analytics and auditing by using the CXM framework to combine physical measurements with digital Platformation™ capabilities. We are committed to finding the right customer experience strategy that can lead to a competitive advantage.

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